Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is an advanced wind band with an emphasis on standard wind band music literature and wind chamber music. Concepts emphasized include tone production, ensemble intonation, performance technique, and musical interpretation. Students interested in symphony orchestra literature will be selected by audition to rehearse and perform with the symphony orchestra on a regular basis. Interested students are encouraged to register for both semesters of this course. This course is repeatable for credit. Individuals with irresolvable schedule conflicts with other courses may request permission to enroll via Individualized Study option by meeting with Registrar.

The NCSSM Performing Ensembles are dedicated to the teaching, performance, study and cultivation of ensemble music and literature of the highest quality. These performing ensembles are a serious and distinctive medium of musical expression, of vital service and importance to its members and to NCSSM. Through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, these ensembles provide effective experiences in musical performance and in music culture for its members. The NCSSM Performing Ensembles seek to offer outstanding performances each semester and to enhance the institutional spirit and character of NCSSM. To music as an art and experience, the NCSSM performing ensembles bring increasing artistry, understanding, and respect by efforts within our own immediate sphere and by providing leadership through cooperation with other musical ensembles pursuing similar musical goals. Members of NCSSM performing ensembles are encouraged to audition for regional, state, and national honors ensembles, including all NCMEA, NAfME and ASTA sponsored events.

Each year, we have several students participate in NCMEA events, including Eastern Regional Orchestra, NC All State Honors Orchestra, various NAfME National events, and others. Our instructors are strongly involved in these organizations and we support these events fully.

Carolina Perez, Wind Ensemble Instructor